The other day I was using the fantastic file diff application Kaleidoscope, and I wanted to integrate the diff functionality with my SVN client. Kaleidoscope provides a terminal tool called KSdiff that integrates the GUI Kaleidoscope application with other programs.

However, after installing KSdiff from the Kaleidoscope website as directed, KSdiff build 111 told me that my version of Kaleidoscope was too low and that I needed to upgrade my application to use Kaleidoscope's integration features. In other words, the version of KSdiff I had installed was too high for my current installation of the application.

I didn't want to upgrade Kaleidoscope right away, so I Googled around for an older version of KSdiff that would work with my out-of-date Kaleidoscope.

I found on the Kaleidoscope CDN. That file did what I was looking for!

If you're having the same problem I am and want to integrate Kaleidoscope without upgrading from version 2.0.0, download and install and you'll have integration with Kaleidoscope in your favorite version control clients.